Helping A Friend Deal With Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is becoming a major concern in America these days’ It is considered the most used illegal drug with more than fifty million Americans over the age of twelve that have tried marijuana at least once’ The main dilema with marijuana is that most of those who smoke it on a regular basis do not consider it a harmful substance, as most pot smokers do not realize the impact this drug has on their reflexes, ambitions, and most just get through the day in a haze of addiction’


If you know someone who smokes marijuana on a daily basis and you feel they need to quit, then here are a few tips for you to consider’


Most importantly, you must remember that it is your friend’s decision to quit using, not yours’ Until they decide to quit, the only thing you can do is respect their decision and try to get them to cut down on daily consumption CBD OIL FOR PAIN‘ Please, do not be too aggressive or nag them, for this does nothing to help them realize their addiction’


If they have decided to quit, there are things you can do to help’ They need to be distracted from their need to smoke’ Helping them find ways to relax and have fun without smoking marijuana is key to conquering addiction’ There are no withdrawal symptoms or detoxing needed for quitting, but the person might feel confused and anxious not having their crutch around’ Find something they enjoy doing, spend some time in new environments, and definitely keep them away from old friends who indulge in smoking weed’


The worst thing you can do is try to give them literature on the effects of marijuana or play up how marijuana affects those around them’ What they need is support and understanding’ Tell them how their smoking makes you feel and how much you want to help them with their addiction’


The best attributes to helping a friend deal with their marijuana addiction is patience and tolerance’ Gandhi moved the world with these simple abilities and you can help a friend deal with their drug use by emulating these qualities’


Always remember, it is their choice’


Gavin Ortiz has spent years in recovery from my own addictions and wish to share what he has learned with others who are seeking help’


If you know someone who needs help, the best thing you can do is show patience and tolerance towards them for only they can decide to quit’